• simply knowing how
  • the most important requirement is to understand the task
  • inspiration and technology means bringing into the product know-how and intelligently-designed processes
  • the technical challenges inspire us to do something new again and again

… our most important tool - the head - the idea

we connect ideas
and people

Experience a real partnership

  • the opportunity to create added value
  • discover a new type of cooperation
  • we do everything to successfully apply inspiration and technology on your behalf

… ideas and people do their best to achieve your future products – space for passion


  • engineering
  • programming technology
  • CNC technology
  • assembly / logistics
more about technology?
Don't miss the rest of the inspiration!
  • the source of inspiration – new ideas
  • find out what «simply knowing how» eally means
  • challenge us to work together to create successful projects

Abilities, combined with our cooperative and innovative approach make many things possible …

  • take a «new path» - leave the «old» behind
  • think beyond delivery deadlines, quality and price
  • success lies in inspiration, the innovation-power lies beyond CNC technology

… a highly-qualified team is working on excellent ideas and their implementation
– a new attitude toward life

A brief thought – a major result
Has your product thought about the following:

• is it solvable in terms of materials and production ability?
• are surface and hardness requirements achievable?
• can the precision be attained?

… simple and revolutionary solutions

5-axis titanium components meeting the highest «space» requirements.

  • base clamping - entirely low-vibration, processing minimum
    thicknesses in a single clamping

simple uses:
  • milling, cutting and shaping threads
  • pulling, annealing and finishing materials
  • intelligent clamping technologies
  • multiple drilling heads - increased performance
  • automation – robotics

… take advantage of the enormous potential savings

achieve efficiency

  • success lies in the small details
  • take a new and inspired path
  • invest in a repeatable and sustainable result

… Berhalter AG – for shared and decisive added value