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  • quick-change screen changer applications
  • adapted underframe solutions
  • individual, client-specific systems

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efficient, continuous
Swiss-Technology for
melt filtration

Berhalter has extensive know-how in development, design and fabrication

  • optimal applicated materials
  • thermal treatment technology / coating-solutions
  • process experience and implementation

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Berhalter AG is a skilled partner for the development and
production of BECOscreen™ screen changer (formerly Bematec/Bolton
Emerson screen changer) with our sales network.

BECOscreen™ screen changers are in use in a wide variety of applications

• for high process consistency combined with large screen areas
• BECOscreen™ screen changers using screenblocks for a simple,
clean solution

… our BECOscreen™ screen changer, in use around the world
by many renowned clients, has proven its ability
and performance - continuity in continuous melt filtration

  • max. pressure at the filter inlet approx. 350 bar
  • filter fineness of screen packs 16 ÷ 200 μm
  • temperature consistency of input material +/-2°C over screen surface
  • temperature consistency of the overall filter +/-3°C from set value
  • max. difference pressure during filter change 80 bar

… melt filtration in flow

  • specific pre-flooding solutions
  • conical inserts for simple and quicke cleaning/change of materials
  • designed and customised applications

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  • everything from a single source (new screen changer as well as refurbishments)
  • professional support and service
  • short reaction
  • maximum «Swiss-Quality» standards
  • individual commissioning

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screen changer - screenblock sizes from Ø 45 mm to Ø 300mm

  • depending on version, material throughput from 50 kg/h bis 2.000kg/h
  • screen package filter 16 : 200 μm
  • optimal rheological arrangement

… for the reliable filtration of your products

the leading technology

  • simple operation
  • extremely low-maintenance
  • leak-free
  • no dead angles
  • very high energy efficiency
  • linear melt guidance

… for your needs

  • direct extrusion (plates, films, profiles, pipes, etc.)
  • compounding
  • polymerisation
  • recycling PET
  • granulation (underwater, air, strand pelletiser)
  • individual solutions
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